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One natural event that has greatly affected man in recent times is the volcanic eruptions of 2010 in Iceland. The Eyjafjallajokul which is also known as released ashes into the skies of Europe in the fourteenth day of April. The eruption resulted in a major disruption in flights arriving into and out of Europe and resulted in the closing of numerous airports. Many hundreds of flights said to be cancelled, leaving millions of passengers stranded across the world.Little did many know that Eyjafjallajokul event had an object was the first leg of the semifinal game in the semifinal match between FC Barcelona of Spain and Inter Milan of Italy. The eruption caused the volcanic eruption to make the former its target to wear them out and create advantages for the home team. The first leg was scheduled in Italy and , given the busy soccer calendar the match had to proceed as planned. Due to time constraints, the visitors had to go by road to Milan the journey had psychological consequences of fatigue for the traveling team. As a result, Barcelona did not win the game in the finals and were eliminated from tournament.
Eyjafjallajokul happened primarily for historical reasons. Its cause, the mover of the eruptions was however philosophical. The historical factor behind this particular event had been clarified in the article The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League. The philosophical aspect had been fully explained in the book The Philosophy of the Cosmos.

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In accordance with The Philosophy of the Cosmos The Cosmos’s Philosophy of the Cosmos, the origins of our universe began when incorporeal entities known as abstracts infused their force into some stuff of the universe’s material components. The abstracts are spirit air, soul as well as consciousness, mind reason and ideas. The objects brought into existence are cosmic organisms, plants, animals and even humans. They are the real. Also, there is the material which includes mountains, rocks and so on. Thus, the cosmos is divided in three parts: the abstract real and the material. Abstracts are the primary cause of evolution of the universe and its objects continue to exist in them.
In The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League Abstracts that still form part of this universe have developed by man, with particular traits or characteristics owing to certain conditions in the past. For instance, the people of Ijebu Ode developed the traits of organization, intelligence, and commercial enterprise owing to the centuries of working with non-military alternatives to survive. Those traits of intelligence have become permanent and unchangeable even when individuals do not engage in the same activities that brought about these traits. The moment at which activities lead to the characteristics is called metaphysic. This is where the traits begin to flow naturally and continue the generations that these activities also, traversed.
In Europe’s most important club competition, the decades of existence that comprise the European Cup represents the centuries of Ijebu Ode’s negotiating to survive with non-military options and there is UEFA Champions League is the permanently fixed and irreversible period of the matured traits of intelligence and organization in the Ijebu Ode people. The establishment in 1992 of the UEFA Champions League in 1992 is the metaphysic point of this European Cup era of 1956 until 1992.
The UEFA Champions League the metaphysic created is based on historical precedents of the competing clubs and leagues. It is based on precedents from the past. This rule was first introduced to be implemented in 2000 , as La liga leveled Serie A and Premier League for its 9th European silverware. The rule officially came into effect in 2002 when La liga won its 10 European cup. From that year till date it has not been the case that Serie A moved ahead of La liga nor did Premier League leapfrog Serie A. This is exactly that Eyjafjallajokul dispersed its remains into European airspace in 2010.
Real Madrid was the first club to take home the European Cup in 1956. It took the trophy in consecutive wins for five years. The only club that has ever played in European football has ever managed something like this. FC Barcelona won the trophy at least once during the European Cup era. The club lagged teams like Bayern Munich and Liverpool that had trebles attained within the European Cup. In 2009, FC Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League. In the following six months the club claimed all the awards it played for. Thus in 2010 Guardiola’s men took on the challenge being the first club team to keep the trophy. It was this goal of Barcelona that caused Eyjafjallajokul to unleash ashes out into the sky. Eyjafjallajokul occurred because of the message that underlies the rule of precedence which is applicable to Barcelona is that you cannot be Today What Thou Has Not Been in the Past. The import of this message is that Barcelona isn’t able to fight for the cup. The only team that could do this is Real Madrid possessed such pedigree. So only Madrid with its pedigree in Europe could accomplish such a feat. Hence, that the volcanic eruption.
What Barcelona tried to but couldn’t do from 2010 to 2012 was what Real Madrid attempted and succeeded with between 2016 and 2018. Barcelona faced challenges not at Inter Milan and Chelsea who were merely the instruments of execution but Real Madrid. This Barcelona was unable to overcome their collective failures with their managerial skills team spirit, teamwork and extraordinary talents all in their prime while, Real Madrid, at the final stage of its triple, swiftly swept over all knockout stage opponents with the aid of an unstoppable string of luck never experienced by any other club in recorded history tells the full story. The woes of Barcelona and the success of Madrid were fabricated and planned.
Unfortunately, one match result from the 2017/2018 season that was an indirect effect on Real Madrid’s eventual victory was the 3-0 thumping of Barcelona during the Champions League in Rome. AS Roma’s decision to omit FC Barcelona out of the 2017/2018 Champions League helped prevent a potential clash against Real Madrid which could have led to a near-certain defeat in the final game for Real Madrid. The loss by Roma is also having far more implications on Barcelona and Barcelona in the coming years. The Rome loss meant Liverpool avoided a possible match with Barcelona. The return and appearance of Liverpool at the end of their season is an unsettling development for Barcelona. In the event that, on a head-to- the head bases, Liverpool won the last game in the season 2006/2007’s initial round of knockout games, so, Barcelona would have had an opportunity to play in the semifinals with Liverpool to her advantage.
The issue that the Roma triumph and appearance of Liverpool has brought to light is that the challenges that Barcelona was facing from 2010 until 2012 and caused the Eyjafjallajokul to gain an advantage in the case of Inter Milan is about to rear its ugly head once more. It is a fact that Liverpool and Barcelona are currently chasing five European titles each. Together with Bayern Munich, this trio includes three teams that have been awarded more than five championships at the highest quality within European football. Liverpool and Bayern Munich achieved trebles out of their quintuple European Cup era. Both teams enjoyed golden eras of club football that predate Barcelona’s.
It is true that the English and German club have an long history that Barcelona isn’t proud of and doesn’t boast about. Real Madrid, too, was in a golden age at it’s inception, and predates all the clubs. The significance of Real Madrid’s golden age was the reason in the reason Barcelona did not prosper in Europe from 2009 to 2012, as did Madrid from 2014 to 2018. As Liverpool and Bayern Munich now on queue to compete for European success, Barcelona is about to be in the exact same position as 2010 , when Eyjafjallajokul unleashed itself on Europe.
The problems of Barcelona in Europe have to do with Liverpool as well as Bayern Munich. They are the main obstacles to the Catalan’s success in Europe. The rule of precedence at club level means Barcelona is likely to be behind Liverpool or Bayern Munich for its 6th European title. However, at the level of leagues, Serie A and Premier League are currently tied at 12 European silverwares apiece which means Juventus is the very first to achieve European glory, only to be followed by Liverpool afterwards. However being in the situation to win over Liverpool, Juventus still faces massive opposition from the current champions. This is a threat that has been exposed with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.
The story of Ronaldo suffices for how man could , in a tense circumstance, through continuous activity and acquire the metaphysic required to achieve extraordinary feats. Ronaldo accepted the challenge that was created by the Messi rivalry over who was the greatest in the world. In this regard, he crossed over the border to Spain in the summer of 2009 to show that he was the best player. Remember the 40 goals he scored in his debut in Spanish top flight. After years of intense rivalry , he would eventually acquire the powers that will be the engine behind 4 Champions League titles under 5 years.

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